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June 1, 2021


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Most people love starting off their day with a hot mug of coffee, and having a coffee maker in one’s home makes for a convenient brewing process. In recent years, however, pod-based gadgets have emerged as more convenient, more modern alternatives to their conventional counterparts. In a world where convenience reigns, this was always going to happen sooner or later. And while vapers might not share a lot in common with coffee lovers, more of them are now embracing new developments in the form of pod systems.

What are Pod Mods?

Sometimes called e-cig pods, vape pods are small devices that use pre-filled or blank e-juice cartridges. Although they’re based on the same principles as regular e-cigarettes, the gadgets are designed to be much simpler to use. This is because they rely on a plug-and-play system where one only needs to insert a pre-filled e-juice pods into their e-cig to start vaping. So while pod vapes might share common principles with e-cigs, they’re actually taking the technology in a new direction.

Traditional kits rely on cartridges to function and, as you probably know, their small size is what mainly limits their performance. The filling materials used on most models also tend to burn rather easily, so there’s always a limit to how much power the average cartridge can handle. Vape pods work around this problem by getting rid of the filling altogether, instead of packing the liquid in a disposable tank akin to a mini-clearomizer.

A Pleasant Outlook

So, how much potential do pod mods have to replace traditional kits, one might ask? Right now, the gadgets account for a very small portion of the vaping market. Their popularity might, however, grow quickly over the next few years, and for some good reasons too:

-With a pod mod, you have the ability to switch between different flavors quickly, something that wasn’t otherwise possible with regular kits.

-Unlike is the case with bottles, vape pods carry minimal risk of spilling e-liquids around, which means you’ll never have to deal with e-juice stains.

-Pod mods are especially suitable for those who like to vape while on the go. Having a vape pod means you can have the best e-liquid in a small bottle that you could just pop into your device, instead of lugging around big containers in your pocket/purse.

Vape pods are also perfectly suited for people making the transition from smoking into the world of vaping. Their small size in comparison with normal e-cigs means they tend to mimic the smoking experience, and this is something that the majority of such individuals would appreciate highly. In particular, pod systems could enhance the appeal of vaping to the many smokers out there looking for a substitute, but don’t fancy the thought of refilling from bottles or fiddling with coils.

On the other hand, vape pods will probably not be as popular within the more passionate segments of the vaping community. These circles tend to be populated by hobbyists, most of whom like to customize and tweak their kits. Pod systems don’t leave much room for either, seeing as they’re designed with simplicity in mind.

All in all, pod mods might be worth your while if you’re a vaper who enjoys the convenience of disposable e-cigarettes. Experienced vapers might also appreciate the ability to enjoy fresh e-juice flavors without getting into the craziness of advanced box mods all the time. The flashing lights, buttons, and coils might be fun dealing with once in a while, but you don’t have to take a crash course into electrical theory every time you vape, do you?

For the last several years, vaping kits have largely followed a familiar shape — think of atomizers, mods and what have you — the basic principle has always been the same. But as the world of vaping began to attract more fans, things were always going to change at one point or the next. If you’ve been following developments within online communities such as, you might have noticed the emergence of a new trend in the form of pod systems. Also referred to as pod vapes, these lovely little gadgets work very similar to coffee machines — you simply take one, put it into your device, and you’re good to go. Only time will tell whether they’re going to replace the conventional kits but, for now, there’s nothing to keep you from giving them a try.